Posted on: February 4, 2008 10:30 pm

An open letter to Tiki Barber

Hello Mr. Barber,
When you were a member of the New York Giants I thought you were a solid running back.  You were a dual threat out of the backfield and aside from some fumbling issues you had a good career until 2006.  Your stats for that season don't quite compare to your ill-advised retirement announcement before the season was over.  To most fans of the game it looked like nothing but a cheap attempt at getting some adoration for yourself at the expense of the team.  Fast forward to the opening of the 2007 season.  NBC, which in terms of covering the NFL are really not the cream of the crop, have given you a job as analyst.  Many people were interested in hearing your take on the NFL because of your experience.  You managed to disappoint thousands of fans as you decided to take your time in the limelight and waste it bashing your old coach and starting quarterback.  Not the best of decisions to make as your comments quickly verified that your retirement tour was indeed selfishly motivated.  Now look what has happened:  In your absence Brandon Jacobs has emerged as the new featured back for the Giants.  His selfless play helped to make the offense a more cohesive unit, something you failed to do in all of your years there.  What else?  Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning are world champions while you can sit on the sideline pouting as a world chump.  It looks like Manning has far more heart than you ever saw...but hey, in order to be a good judge of heart you should probably have one yourself. 
Your legacy has been forged ever since you made your retirement announcement and now it is complete.  What you accomplished on the field as a yard gainer means nothing if you don't have the character to back it up off the field.  If I were you I would suck up my pride and call both Coughlin and Manning to congratulate them.  An apology to both wouldn't hurt either.
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